Post Menopausal Hair Loss | Causes & Treatment
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Menopausal Hair Loss

Menopausal hair loss is said to affect more than 40 per cent of post-menopausal women and the degree of hair loss can range from mild to severe. During menopause, there is a decrease in level of female hormones oestrogen and progesterone while the level of the male hormone, testosterone, may increase. Oestrogen is particularly important because it keeps our hair in the growing phase. The longer the growing phase, the longer your hair grows. However, these hormonal changes seem to have an impact on the hair follicles, causing hair to become thinner.

signs and symptoms of menopausal hair loss- jonsson protein singapore Signs and Symptoms

Menopausal hair loss is a lot subtler thus it can be easy to miss the initial signs; your hair becomes dry and weak. Split ends are common because the hair has gotten brittle. Your hair starts thinning, beginning from the crown of the head.

When things get a little more serious, you may find your hair becoming thinner, your ponytail becoming lighter or your hair parting becoming more visible.

causes of menopausal hair loss- jonsson protein singapore Causes

The main cause of hair loss during or after menopause is hormonal changes. However, body, mental and emotional sensitivity towards changes in the body can lead to high stress level which could in turn worsen the hair loss problem, prompting one to seek treatments or remedies. Besides that, some may experience side effects from certain menopausal medications, leading to hair loss.

complications of menopausal hair loss- jonsson protein singapore Possible Complications

The problem can be worse if the sufferer has hereditary hair loss problem before menopause and while not seeking treatment has no impact on the health, women facing hair loss may deal with low confidence or self-esteem issue. In serious cases, social life may get affected.

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