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Signs of Hair Loss

Jonsson Protein signs of hair loss for men and women

We all love our beautiful tresses, or for men – that stylish crew-cut thus there is a reason for concern when we start losing more hair than usual. But are we really losing hair or is it simply a natural cycle of hair growth: where the hair in the follicle falls off and is being replaced by new hair?

The average hair loss that one faces is approximately 100 strands per day, although this can vary from person to person, but hair loss of above 150 strands per day should not be overlooked. If you think you are losing more hair than usual, you should start to look out for the following signs.

Checking for hair loss
Before going into a panic, here are what you could do at home to check if you are suffering from hair loss problems. Position yourself in front of a mirror with strong lightings:

  • Pull your hair away from your forehead, and check if your hairline is receding backwards?
  • Check your hair partings. Is your parting getting wider and scalp more visible?
  • Check your hair quantity. For ladies, you can simply tie up your hair and check if your ponytails are getting thinner, and lighter. For the gentlemen, is your hair on the crown getting sparse, with visible scalp?

Other signs of hair loss
The signs of hair loss are not limited to your scalp alone. You should also check around you during your daily routines. You know your hair problem is getting serious when:

  • You see a large chunk of hair on your fingers when you finger-comb your hair.
  • You find a large amount of hair on your pillow when you wake up in the morning.
  • Your scalp becomes more noticeable, with higher / receding hairlines.
  • Family members commented that there are (many) strands of hair on the floor while you are drying/combing your hair.

That said, those two little words hair loss will always strike fear in many and could affect ones confidence. Thus, one should always maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and do regular checks on your hair/scalp.

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