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The Most Common Causes Of Hair Loss

Just like any part of the body, your hair can become unhealthy if it’s subjected to damage. To find the best solution possible, it’s important to understand the causes of hair loss.


It’s a proven fact that 91% of your hair structure is made of protein. Protein is needed to form our hair fiber and the inner root sheath. A lack of protein would thus reduce the overall health of your hair and will eventually lead to hair loss. A detailed scalp scan can determine the general health of your hair, as well as the possible causes on why your hair follicles would lack protein.


Did you know that hair thinning is often caused by a lack of nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and protein? If you have a poor and unbalanced diet, this can cause all sorts of problems in your scalp. Hair follicles need to absorb necessary nutrients in order for thick hair to grow quickly. Without proper nutrients, your hair will be weak and brittle, and hair loss will eventually occur.


Whenever there are changes in hormone levels, hair fall will most likely occur. Hormonal changes can be caused by a variety of factors. In women for instance, issues like thyroid disorder, pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth would result in hair loss as estrogen levels are affected. Estrogen is what promotes hair growth, and any fluctuation in estrogen levels will cause hair to fall. Meanwhile, changes in levels of male hormones like androgen would also cause hair loss in men. Higher quantities of male hormone androgen would lead to greater hair loss and increased chances of baldness.


There are certain types of medications that damage the overall health of your scalp. These include medicine for depression, blood-thinning medications, retinoids, chemotherapy drugs, oral contraceptives, and calcium channel blockers. The strongest of such medications are chemotherapy drugs, as they indiscriminately target rapid growing cells in your body. Rapidly growing cells in your hair roots are thus killed off as well, causing hair to fall even as it targets cancer cells.


If you’re not physically or mentally healthy, this can lead to problems with your hair. Stress and trauma will disrupt the natural hair growth cycle, causing a lack of healthy hair growth as hair follicles spend more time in their ‘resting’ phase than actually growing healthy hair. It may also lead to scalp problems as stress can lead to increased oil production on your scalp, causing clogged hair follicles and increased hair loss.


Now that you are aware of all these hair loss causes, what should you do about them? The first thing you should do is seek a specialist and go over your treatment options.

Here at Jonsson Protein, we focus on the root causes of your hair loss problems. That is why we specifically offer a solution that deals directly with the health of your scalp and your hair follicles. We use protein to cleanse your scalp, unclog your hair follicles and provide essential protein to your hair matrix to increase hair growth and strengthen hair.

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