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When it comes to addressing hair problems, getting to the root of the matter is important; with strong foundation comes healthy hair naturally.

The Ecology of Hair Growth

Most of us are aware that for plants to grow healthily, the foundation is a land of fertile soil. Likewise, for hair to grow healthily, a healthy scalp is the key.

This may come across as surprising but hair growth is actually very similar to horticulture.

  • Soil fertility plays an indispensable role in plant growth; only when the soil is fertile will plants/flowers grow healthily.
  • Our scalp functions in the same manner; scalp health impacts hair growth. When the scalp is healthy, a full head of hair is a dream come true. However, when the scalp is unhealthy, hair becomes brittle and breaks off easily.

To support healthy hair growth, another essential element is protein.

Jonsson Protein male and female model with beautiful hair

For years, a team of scientists in America has been laboriously researching and testing to find the secret to human hair growth. An astounding result was discovered that every strand of human hair contains a high percentage of protein; it forms approximately 91% of our hair structure, and a lack of protein in hair follicles may lead to various hair problems.

01 Hair Strength

Jonsson Protein insufficient protein in hair follicles

Insufficient Protein

Weak and fine hair that breaks easily

Jonsson Protein thick and strong hair with protein treatment

With Protein Treatment

Thick and strong hair

02 Hair Density

Jonsson Protein sparse hair that is insufficient of protein

Insufficient Protein

Sparse hair

Jonsson Protein hair follicles and density on a scalp

With Protein Treatment

A thick crown of hair

03 Hair Texture

Jonsson Protein dry hair texture due to insufficient protein

Insufficient Protein

Dry hair

Jonsson Protein hair texture of smooth and soft healthy hair

With Protein Treatment

Soft and smooth hair

Effective and natural
hydrolyzed protein formulation

To deal with problems such as weak and fine hair, sparse hair or dry hair, many opt for off-the-shelf hair care treatments and products. Little did they know that without a healthy scalp, these topical products may not be absorbed, thus proving ineffective.

With that said, Jonsson Protein believes that the secret to gorgeous-looking hair starts at your scalp. Recognising protein and a healthy scalp as essential components of healthy hair growth, this discovery led to an effective and natural hydrolyzed protein formulation..

6 Amazing Benefits of Our Protein Formulation

Jonsson Protein molecule structure of an atom

Readily absorbed due to small molecular size

deeply cleansed hair follicles-jonsson protein singapore

Unclog hair follicles to create a healthy environment for hair growth

restored hair's natural shine-ve protein-jonsson protein singapore

Restores hair’s natural shine


Moisturizes and strengthens hair roots to reduce hair fall

ve protein promotes blood circulation-jonsson protein singapore

Promotes blood circulation in the scalp

thicker hair, healthy hair growth with ve protein-jonsson protein singapore

Improves thickness of hair and stimulates healthy hair growth