Chemically Damaged Hair | Causes & Treatment
chemically damaged hair (chemical related hair loss)- jonsson protein singapore

Chemical-Related Hair Loss

Frequent usage of chemicals in either styling or treatments is widely known to be damaging to our hair. However, what many are unaware of is that incorrect usage of these products may also lead to damaged hair and its associated problems. This is because chemicals from products may be absorbed by the scalp. Overtime your scalp condition may deteriorate and hair shaft may become weaker thus breaking off easily. So if your hair is severely damaged by chemical processes, hair loss becomes a possibility.

signs and symptoms of chemically damaged hair- jonsson protein singapore Signs and Symptoms

If you are experiencing rashes or itchiness on your scalp rather frequently, or your hair is brittle with split ends, your hair is most likely chemically damaged. Due to the nature of the problem, chemical-related hair loss is prevalent among teenagers and young adults.

causes of chemical related hair loss- jonsson protein singapore Causes

Less is always more when it comes to hair health. Thus, frequent perming, coloring and straightening of hair are known as the main culprits of chemical-related hair loss. Though there are hair treatments that protect and repair your hair before/after the makeover, the inner bonds of the hair strands are disrupted and weakened during the chemical/thermal processes. In addition, long term usage of unsuitable hair products can also contribute to damaged hair.

complications of chemically damaged hair- jonsson protein singapore Possible Complications

What you eventually get from all these nasty processes is a head of hair that has lost its shine, smoothness and strength. Continuous usage of unsuitable products may cause the scalp to become very sensitive and rashes may develop. Another point that is noteworthy is that chemical reaction may make your scalp more sensitive overtime and hair follicles may get damaged in the long run. Without healthy scalp and hair follicles, the quality of new hair suffers. If the problem is prolonged, hair may become lesser and may shed faster.

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