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Jonsson Protein causes of dandruff related hair issues

Dandruff-related Hair Loss

At least 30% of hair loss sufferers face dandruff issue. Though dandruff and hair loss do not share the same cause, more often than not, dandruff sufferers experience a certain degree of hair loss too.

Dandruff is one of the most common types of scalp problem in which dead skin cells from the scalp shed and they appear in the form of white flakes. Unfortunately, these flakes from the superficial skin layer may result in itching. To relieve the itch, some develop the habit of scratching their scalp and it is this repeated action of forceful scratching on the scalp that adds on to the problem; hair loss may eventually result.

signs and symptoms of dandruff- jonsson protein singapore Signs and Symptoms

An extremely itchy scalp is an indicator of dandruff-related hair problems. Another indicator is that dandruff remains despite washing your hair frequently.

Interestingly, depending on your scalp type, dandruff poses a different problem. If you have a dry scalp, dandruff appears to be fine and powdery. Affected individuals may find the flakes appearing on their clothes, especially dark colored ones. On the other hand, for someone with an oily scalp, dandruff appears to be translucent and has a sticky texture.

Jonsson Protein causes of hair bald spot Causes

Long-term use of unsuitable hair products, fatigue and bad eating habits are the most common causes of dandruff.

complications of dandruff- jonsson protein singapore Possible Complications

Dandruff usually occurs only on certain portions of the scalp but as bacteria sets in, the whole scalp may develop dandruff, causing the problem to worsen. As we always say, ‘prevention is better than cure’, therefore seeking professional treatment earlier for dandruff problem is something that can be done to help reduce the amount of future hair loss.

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