Spot Baldness (Alopecia Areata) | Causes & Treatment
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Spot Baldness

Spot baldness, as suggested by its name, refers to hair loss that occurs in one or more circular patches. In some cases, total baldness may develop. Some may experience itchiness or some pain in the skin before the hair falls off. With treatments to promote hair re-growth, those experiencing spot baldness, also known as alopecia areata, may see some results after several months.

signs and symptoms of spot baldness- jonsson protein singapore Signs and Symptoms

Characterized by bald patches about the size of a large coin, spot baldness is easily discovered at a hair salon or by family members or a friend. The patches have a smooth surface but in some cases, there may be mild redness, scaling, mild burning sensation or slight itchiness on the bald patches. However, apart from the affected areas, the scalp usually looks healthy with no scarring. At the balding area(s), hair tends to fall off in clumps.

causes of spot baldness- jonsson protein singapore Causes

Associated with autoimmunity, spot baldness occurs when the healthy cells in your body, which are mistaken as foreign substances, are damaged by your immune system. As a result, mild inflammation may occur and this subsequently leads to weaker hair, causing them to fall off in bald patches. Affected hair follicles may resume its function and hair growth may return to normal once the immune reaction is gone.

complications of spot baldness- jonsson protein singapore Possible Complications

A tiny patch of bald spot is a warning sign that more spots may appear on the other parts of the head. Due to its smooth surface, some may think that the hair follicles on the bald patch have completely lost its function thus delaying the treatment required.


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