Our Approach

Protein in the hair gives it strength and keep our locks smooth. In the long run, having a healthy crown of hair comes from caring and nourishing the hair from deep within.


Jonsson Protein before treatment male genetic hairloss


Cedric Yon
28 Years Old, Researcher
Hair Problem:
Genetic Hair Loss

Despite having a family history of hair loss, I never expected it to hit me at an early age of 24; it started from a bald patch on the back of my head. As my lifestyle was greatly affected, I tried to arrest the problem with hair growth tonics, oral medication and even visited various hair growth centres but the results were unsatisfactory. However, at Jonsson Protein, I witnessed amazing results in just 1 session; the oil clogs on my scalp were cleared! In about 4 months, my hair fall decreased and my hair became noticeably thicker! Plus, my scalp no longer gets oily easily. Now, I look younger and am more confident than before!

*Customer has undergone hair-weaving service


Jonsson Protein thinning and balding hair in women


Doris Teo
53 Years Old, Office Worker
Hair Problem:
Chemical-caused Hair Loss/Post-natal Hair Loss

I was born with naturally thin hair to begin with but after giving birth, I lost even more hair. However, it was only when my hair started to drop drastically after a bad hair colouring experience at a salon that I knew I had to do something about my hair loss, on top of my emerging scalp problem. So, I tried various hair care products and home remedies which caused my scalp to bleed instead! Thankfully, with Jonsson’s protein-based treatments, which I found to be very gentle, my weak and sensitive scalp problem is resolved and I’m dropping much lesser hair now. Better yet, I’m so glad to hear my sister’s words – ‘your hair is growing!’


Jonsson Protein female before post natal hair loss issue


Carrie Chan
31 Years Old, Assistant Account Manager
Hair Problem:
Post-natal Hair Loss

After giving birth, my hair loss problem, especially near the temples, worsened. However, as a busy mother, I had no time to take care of my hair. The floor was always littered with my hair, making me terrified. Fortunately, after seeking treatments at Jonsson Protein, my hair fall has decreased, my hair is growing back and my scalp is no longer as oily. Thank you Jonsson Protein, for solving my worries of post-natal hair loss and even improved the thinning hair issues I always had, giving me a head of thicker, darker hair now.


Jonsson Protein before treatment of male pattern baldness


Benjamin Low
26 Years Old, Self-employed
Hair Problem:

Since the age of 18, I’ve tried everything from anti-hair loss shampoos to hair growth tonics to hair care treatments to resolve my receding hairline and thinning hair but all efforts ended in smoke. Thankfully, I got to know about Jonsson Protein through a friend’s recommendation. After a few months of protein-based treatments with them, my oily scalp has improved, my hair fall has decreased and my hair is no longer as sparse as before. Friends even complimented that my hair has become thicker and I am now a confident person.


Jonsson Protein black hair loss and baldness pattern


Ong Yee Chwan
30 Years Old, Employee
Hair Problem:
Receding hairline, Oily scalp

Because of my sparse hair, I couldn’t try out many hairstyles and to someone as young man as I am, this was frustrating. I tried shampoos designed for oily scalp and anti-hair loss, and even off-the-shelves hair growth tonic to improve my scalp and hair condition but I saw no visible result. However, with Jonsson’s unique protein-based treatments, my hair strands became stronger and my hair fall decreased noticeably in less than 3 months! What’s more, from the scalp analysis, I’m thrilled to see that my baby hairs are starting to grow back and the premature white hairs are gone. I’m glad to hear my friend’s comment, ‘you got your hair back!’