Hair Loss' BFF- Styling Tools That Can Damage Your Hair

Hair Loss’ BFF-Styling Tools

Jonsson Protein tools that cause hair loss

Hair styling tools can change the girl-next-door into Asia’s next top model. However, are you putting so much stress on your tresses that they are snapping frequently? (pun intended) Yes, overuse of styling tools may lead to brittle hair roots, weak and fine hair or even increased hair loss! So what are the tools you should keep at a minimum?

Jonsson Protein hair styling tools and equipment

The Heat-ers: Flat irons, curling tongs & heat brushes
When you use heat styling tools to recreate that silky straight or airy curls effect you see on models and celebrities, your hair is stripped of its natural oil and protein in the process. If you have colored and chemically-treated hair (e.g.: bleached, permed or rebonded), this process is even more damaging!

The result? Hello to rough, dry and brittle hair that breaks off more easily or sometimes even increased hair loss.

Jonsson Protein blowdrying hair with hairbrush

The ‘Silent’ Killer: Blow dryer
Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions. Blow drying itself doesn’t cause too much damage. However, if you have the habit of blowing your hair on high heat constantly and holding it close to your scalp just so that your hair dries faster amidst the morning rush, here’s a word of caution – these bad habits could actually damage your hair shaft and scalp!

So decide for yourself which to save – your hair or that few minutes?

Jonsson Protein ways to tease long hair

The Rebellious: Backcombing & Hair Teasing
For a quick volume boost, especially at the fringe or crown area, many ladies would do some backcombing or hair teasing. However, did you know that know by doing so, you are actually lifting the hair cuticle, leaving the strands exposed? The excessive friction from such manual hair styling methods damages your hair and causes breakage.

Word of advice? Get real volume by nursing your scalp and hair health back to their optimal condition.

Tips to minimize styling-induced hair loss

  1. Always use a heat protectant
  2. Hold your hair dryer at least 10cm away from your hair and scalp
  3. Try a sea salt spray for temporary volume boost