Things You Do That Causes Hair Loss (Hair Fall)

Things You Do That Causes Hair Loss

Jonsson Protein hairloss and hair dryness

We all know that stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, and/or irregular sleeping hours, among other reasons, cause hair loss. But do you know that day-to-day habits may also lead to hair loss problems?

(1) Shampooing

Jonsson Protein shampoo and conditioner hair during shower
  • You plop the shampoo directly on the top your head
    This makes it hard to completely rinse off the shampoo, leaving build-up on your hair & scalp which could in turn clog the hair follicles overtime.
    Advice: So to thoroughly cleanse your hair of dirt and grease, always lather your shampoo before massaging it onto your scalp.
  • Massaging your scalp with your nails
    Many do this unknowingly! Scrubbing with your nails can break the skin on your scalp, and this may in turn lead to an infection.
    Advice: It is best to use your fingertips instead to massage your hair while washing or massaging your scalp.
  • Rinse using hot water
    Hot water doesn’t translate into cleaner hair. In fact, using hot water may irritate your scalp, causing it to produce more oil and this means that your hair becomes oily faster.
    Advice: Use room temperature water or cool water to wash your hair to prevent an oily scalp.

(2) Hair Drying

Jonsson Protein blow drying long hair can damage hair
  • Quick drying
    Hard rubs using towel or hair dryer turned on in high heat to quickly dry off the hair when you are rushing for work or an appointment can cause hair to be damaged.
  • Use a soft towel instead of a coarse towel. This will prevent hair from being damaged.
  • Gently squeeze out the water without twisting your hair.
  • Blot and squeeze your hair dry (gently) with the soft towel starting from the root to the tips. Try not to rub your hair as it may break easily, and hair may become frizzy.
  • If you really need to use a hair dryer, keep it at least 10cm away from your scalp.