Top 3 Hair Care Tips To Achieve Great & Healthy Hair

Top 3 Tips to Achieve Great Hair

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Flip through the magazines and we will find loads of recommendations on beauty products and advertisements with models sporting different hairdos. We will probably envy some of their styles; thick tresses and how well the models can carry them off.

Make it or break it
Undeniably, hair is important to us, and hairstyle can make or break a look. We love our hair and we do tons of things to it; we apply products to keep our locks smooth or do regular in-shower hair treatments. We also dye, perm or straighten our hair to look good and stylish. However, this could come at the expense of our hair health – brittle hair roots, thinner hair or even sensitive scalp may develop. To prevent this, here are the top 3 tips to help you achieve great hair.

Top 3 hair care tips

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1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:
Stress, over-dieting, certain medication and insufficient sleep are just some causes for weak, brittle hair or even hair loss.

Advice: Sleep early and exercise regularly for better blood circulation. It is said that blood delivers the necessary nutrients to your scalp to help nourish the follicles, thus as blood circulation to the scalp improves, faster hair growth may result.

Jonsson Protein healthy lifestyle for healthy hair texture

2. Eat more vegetables and protein:
Since protein forms approximately 91% of our hair structure, whenever our body lacks sufficient vitamins and protein, the hair quality is usually the first to suffer. Lack of protein may even cause hair loss.

Advice: Include more greens (such as asparagus, spinach), eggs and poultry in your daily diet. Green vegetables may assist in the production of sebum, which conditions the hair and promotes hair growth while food rich in protein helps in hair growth.

Jonsson Protein trimming hair as treatment to hair issues

3. Trim your hair regularly:
If hair is not trimmed regularly, hair ends may split and your hair may look dry and damaged. Overtime, these may lead to weak and fine hair.

Advice: Get regular hair cut/hair trims. While it does not affect hair growth rate (contrary to what some may believe) and hasten the hair growth speed, regular trims can help in maintaining the look and hair quality you want.